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HUHO - a strategic consultancy with hands on capability
We specialize in growth. And change. 
We help busy clients take stock. A customer proposition aligned with internal processes and capability will enhance performance.

CEOs, Function Heads and Owner/Drivers know running a company or a business unit means leaders are busy. A lot is expected of them and their teams. This often means they don't always have time for thinking, robust analysis or ability to adapt, as they become embedded in operations. 


Our ethos has been to combine the best of a strategic review and the agility of a start up or SME, with the structure and processes needed to grow. It's about a fresh look at things, an experienced and objective resource, and the steps to get to a better place. 

Our achievements and experience span 6 countries, 5 sectors and numerous assignments in big and small businesses. 

We've worked for leadership in PLCs, SMEs and ourselves, as a start up, and have demonstrated the capacity to adapt, change and grow. And we've helped others to, single-mindedly, or in collaboration with our specialist partners, Pimento, One agency, many flavours. See

The winners of tomorrow will need to marshal a host of skills to thrive and survive:


  • global or new market outlook

  • clear and credible proposition

  • acute customer centricity

  • team and digital alignment

  • outsourcing non-core activity

  • flexible capability

  • constant innovation 

Are you ready?


  |  +44 (0) 7946 730319  |  Bath and London

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