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What We Do


Market positioning
Practice Areas:
Strategy review, project management and interim solutions
  • Brand positioning

  • Brand alignment

  • Customer experience

  • Capability development

  • Project management

  • Proposition development

  • Change management

  • Process outsourcing

  • Business development

  • Growth 

  • Agency and partner selection

  • Interim management

  • New product launches

  • New initiative roll out

  • Sponsorship activation

  • Communications and event management

Success is often determined by your customer, you and your competition. How customers find and and see you is paramount. Is the proposition clear and consistently articulated and presented? Consistency builds value. Disconnects dissipate it. Whilst your proposition, products and services need innovation and change to meet demand, your brand expression should be consistent. It is after all, a promise, and one you should be true to, every time. It should reflect and express your values. How you align, internally and externally, should reflect who you are and deliver your why. The customer experience, in every sense, should be a value exchange - not merely a transaction. This value will be realised on emotional and rational levels.


Is your customer experience what customers expect?

Strategic reviews often get overlooked as leadership becomes involved in operations. An objective audit or refresh of the roadmap can help. And often strategy may have a structure, yet implementation is the challenge. Understanding, buy-in and adoption are key. 

HUHO Consulting provide point solutions or a holistic and objective review - from a customer's perspective. 

We also assist with recalibration or realignment via project management or interim resource solutions in implementation stages to embed change and drive the success sought.

Today business is complex. And fast. It's important to keep it simple. Do more, with less. A clear vision and the 'why' you do what you do is paramount. The why aligns purpose across all teams. HUHO help interrogate the status quo and ensure the proposition is current and aligned with process, people and, importantly, the customer. That way performance is enhanced. Is your proposition clear and understood? Can capability improve? Are your data and processes robust? Can internal or specialist teams be better aligned to customer facing ones?


What's stopping you from adapting, changing or growing? 

Are you facing challenges you find difficult to resolve or opportunities you can't capture?

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