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Since inception, Heads Up Hands On Consulting has been totally focused on helping clients accelerate their performance through business alignment.

HUHO Consulting is an insight-led business helping clients to align their organisation to grow or adapt. We bring objectivity, strategic thinking, project management and interim solutions to clients seeking to adapt, change, grow or gain improvements to their operations.


NOW is the era of the customer. Personalisation is key, proposition focus is paramount. Customers will ultimately 'self serve'. In an increasingly fast-paced, complex and digital environment it is important brands adapt yet remain focussed on delivering great customer experience via robust processes. During this disruption, leaders and laggards alike will discover their true capabilities.


In the absence of vision or clarity of purpose, businesses often tackle their challenges with 'more of the same' producing additional complexity leading to competing silos of resource. With skill set shortages and pressure on existing models, it is important to adopt an objective stance to deliver fresh thinking with new and 'slicker' approaches to market. The alignment of customer proposition, capable people and automated processes is just the start - a customer, market and future oriented perspective provides a check and balance on the NOW. It's about #alignment.


HUHO Consulting remains ready to advise on innovation, business strategy, proposition development,  

organizational capability and transformation delivery for your business.


#alignment is key.



Andy Clarke

Managing Partner
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Andy has led the practice since 2004 advising a number of clients across numerous sectors. Successful projects have included PLC business unit rejuvenation, start up strategy, SME growth, proposition development, repositioning, rebranding and transformation.

These have been on an advisory recommendation, programme management and interim resourcing basis. 

Sectors have included B2B, consumer products, outsourcing, creative, marketing technology and online. 

Verticals have included luxury automotive, oil, construction services, business services and retail.

Assignments have included strategy, brand and proposition development, outsourcing, growth, business development, technology adoption, project management, team rejuvenation and transformation.

Andy built his career with a degree in Finance and Accounting, fast track Marketing management with a French oil company, 14 years with BMW Marketing, Product and Sales operations in 4 countries, set up a creative and marketing SME serving blue chip clients and has led the consultancy for over 13 years.

Passionate about how business and brand strategy translates to customer propositions, process and people alignment and, above all, seeing performance improvements for clients.

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